The companies of the ELDA Ingegneria Group began and grew from the same roots and from shared telematics expertise, but have focused on diverse but contiguous markets, finding original ways to developing and adapt their respective skills, based on the specific needs of
the individual target market segments.

  • GPS-based systems, black boxes, remote diagnostic tools and sensors.
  • Central control systems (mapping and positioning software,
    and specific application software)
  • Fixed-mobile communication software and protocols
  • Internet of Cars and Internet of Things applications
elda Group Automotive, Statement


To contribute to the creation of value and growth for our customers,
our employees and society, through the use and development of services and technologies to make the movement of persons, vehicles and goods, for work and leisure, safer and simpler.



Establishment of ELDA Ingegneria, a key player in the Italian ICT market and a leading company in the development of GIS application software for civil engineering and land management.


ELDA Ingegneria entered the emerging market for infomobility and road and map database. It provided the operational structure for Navteq in Italy and launched large integrated navigation projects for the law enforcement forces.


ELDA Ingegneria began to develop and supply integrated navigation, radiolocation and emergency management systems through Operations Centres for the police services.

The strategic focus in those years turned increasingly towards the opportunities offered by Internet, wireless and mobile technologies.


The company UbiEst was set up to develop and supply web-based location technologies, services and applications for business and consumer markets.


Mission critical fleet management services became commercial solutions for the B2B market through the first SaaS (Software as a Service offerings).


The ELDA Ingegneria Group acquired Targa Infomobility from Fiat Auto. The company provides infomobility
services, satellite alarm systems and fleet management services for the automotive sector.


The Group expanded on the world market for GPS location-based services with a family of mobile products aimed at
the business and consumer market for satellite navigation and real-time personal location, security,
tracking and automatic communication with a control centre.


Establishment of Tierra, a joint venture between Divitech SpA, which was already part of Elda Ingegneria,
and Topcon Positioning Systems Inc.


Establishment of Targa Drive with the aim of offering solutions to insurance companies
through the use of black boxes.


Targa Telematics was created from the merger of Targa Infomobility and Targa Drive,
incorporating professionalism and technologies.


Targa Telematics and UbiEst merge, pooling resources and technologies
to optimally address the convergence of Telematics and Internet of Things
(IoC – Internet of Cars).


Entry into Targa Telematics capital of an
investment company indirectly held by
Investindustrial VII LP.

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