The ELDA Ingegneria Group, a pioneer in the Information Technology industry since the 1980s,
is now one of Europe’s key players in telematics.

The group operates in the automotive telematics market, the development
of vertical applications for the Internet of Things, mapping solutions
for the tracking and management of corporate assets,
and vehicles and personal safety.

elda Group Automotive, Statement


The synergy between the companies in the Group allows the sharing of tools, knowledge and resources: the ELDA Ingegneria Group companies were founded and developed to focus on different but related markets, in which they apply the same common telematics expertise.
  • Vehicle-based GPS systems: black boxes, remote diagnostics tools and sensors.
  • Operations centre systems: mapping and positioning software, specific application software.
  • Fixed-mobile communication software and protocols.
  • Internet of Cars and Internet of Things applications.

B2B telematics solutions for the corporate fleet management sector of the automotive market


Development of IOT applications, mainly for the Internet of Cars, Smart Cities and Smart Mobility


A joint venture between Topcon Positioning Systems Inc. and Divitech SpA: custom-made telematics solutions


Advanced mapping and positioning applications. Specialized in telematics for Public Safety



We have come this far through research,
creativity, organisation,
talent and willingness to risk.
We know too that we can go much,
much further if, and only if… we continue
along the same path.

This is the road to the future, which
lies before us like the ocean of history.

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